Billing and Insurance

BillingOur physicians contract with most of the health plans in the area with a few exceptions. If one of our doctors is not listed as a provider for your health insurance plan, please call us to determine if we are able to accept your insurance. Many insurances pay for many of your medical services that we deliever at our office. However, depending on your health insurance plan, there may be deductibles and copays which are your responsibility at the time of your visit. Please take the time to be review your insurance plan and be aware of what you are responsible for before you are seen in our office. We will do our best to make sure you are aware of the amount due as required by your insurance. Like many things, insurance is a complicated system and errors do occur. If you feel there has been a mistake in with your bill, please do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of our Billing Department. You may contact them at 316-682-7411.

Billing Terminology

Below are some of the most common terms you may find on your statement. We hope that this will provide you a better understanding of your statement.

Insurance Deductible - An insurance deductible is a minimum amount the patient must pay before the insurance company will pay anything toward your charges. Usually the deductible must be met and paid by the patient each year.

Insurance Co-pay - An insurance co-pay is the amount of money or perecent of charges for Basic or Supplemental Health Services which a member is required to pay, as set forth by their health plan. This is often associated with an office visit or emergency visit. The most common co-pays are $5, $10 or $25.

Co-Insurance - Co-insurance is an arrangement by which the patient and the insurance company share in the payment of a service. Co-insurance takes effect after the approved deductible amount has been met.

Assignment of Benefits - Assignment of Benefits means the physician agrees to accept payment from an insurance company first and then bills the patient for any after-insurance balances.